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To Tutor or Not to Tutor?

by Oct 3, 2016

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How do you know if tutoring is right for your child? There are a number of indicators that could answer this question. Some signs to look for are if your child’s grades are slipping, they struggle with time management, if they are often confused by certain subjects, lacks confidence, or if it is difficult to support schoolwork at home. Any of these signs may be good reasons for you to look into tutoring support for your child.

Our Goal to is to Achieve!

Achieve Tutoring Center is here to help your child grow. Not only will we help with any core content area, we want to incorporate time management skills, how to study, and we teach students how they can be an advocate for themselves at school. We want to boost confidence… which can lead to independent success!

Tutoring Expense

Yes, tutoring is another expense. However, often we support our children in other areas such as sports, music, or dance. Tutoring is a support that impacts your child’s present and future. It is well worth the investment.

Still Undecided?

If you are still unsure about whether to tutor, check with your child’s teacher and see what they recommend. Or, call us today for free consultation at  616.916.8989.