Why Do We Do This?

by Dec 5, 2017

Why Do We Do This?

Many people ask me why I opened a tutoring business? True, I worked in public education for 20 years, have always loved curriculum, and this is a natural fit for me. But, this is not what drove me to open Achieve Tutoring Center’s doors. What drove me is knowing that there are many struggling students who need something different than what is already out there. These students need a more personal approach. They need someone in their corner who not only believes in them, but focuses exclusively on them, and have the skills to show them how to succeed. My staff and I believe this is our mission.

How Do We Approach Tutoring?

We believe that tutoring makes a difference when it is built upon relationships, trust, preparation, best teaching practices, and going the extra mile.

Relationships are built from having the same tutor every time. That tutor really gets to know the learning style and obstacles that the student needs to overcome. The trust builds as the student understands that what their tutor is showing them does make a difference and how much the tutor cares.

Preparation and utilizing best teaching practices are also important. We not only create new session plans based on the notes from the previous session, we contact teachers to coordinate efforts, and closely monitor online grades. This extra effort creates for students consistency in learning and accountability. The session plans are structured to have goals and a plan of how to engage the student to get there. Students then work with their tutor at the white board, table, or other seating available. This flexibility allows them to move and learn.

Our Way Makes a Difference!

The success stories we have accumulated over the last two years are truly why we do what we do. Stories of students who thought they couldn’t read and now read with confidence. Stories of students who always struggled with math now getting an A on a test or a class. Stories of students who struggled with the ACT and SAT raising their scores to where they need them. Stories of our speech pathologist giving that extra focused time each week so the student is able to achieve speech goals. These success stories are why we do what we do. We believe in our students and do everything we can to help them build confidence and be successful in school

Thank you to the many families who have entrusted us with their children and we look forward to helping many, many more because that is what we do!

Written by Amy Gortsema, owner and founder of Achieve Tutoring Center