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Summer Offerings

 Close the achievement gap and strengthen skills to help set your child up for success in the fall. Subjects that we offer are: writing, reading, math, and Spanish. We also help students prepare to take the SAT or ACT. 

Test anxiety, organizational struggles, and lack of study skills holding your student back? We offer a class that focuses on improving these important skills.  Call 616-916-8989 to learn more. 



Make the most of the summer for your child. Summer is a great time to learn a new skill, close the achievement gap, and prevent the summer slide! We offer a comfortable and welcoming environment that is focused yet fun.

Subjects Offered this Summer:


Let us help you get ready for this big test. Click here to learn more.


Catch up on foundational math skills that were a struggle so you are confident going into school this fall.

Spanish Review

Was Spanish class a bit tough last year and you’re worried about taking the next level in the fall? Strengthen your Spanish skills so you are ahead of the game! 


Strengthen reading skills working one-on-one or signing up for one of our reading groups.

Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Help you child be ready for kindergarten. We can work on pre-reading skills, handwriting, basic math skills. Let’s have your child’s beginning of school be strong and positive.


Improve writing skills whether it is basic handwriting, writing a five paragraph essay, or writing your own story.

Back-to-School Boot Camp for 1st-4th Grade Students

Students attend daily from 9 to 10 am August 13th-16th. Through games and activities, we will get them engaged in reading, writing, and practicing math. Let’s get their minds turned on to start school again! Cost to enroll $120.

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