Tutoring Options

Are you concerned that your child struggled with school last school year? Summer is a great time to close that academic gap! We are now registering students for summer tutoring at the center or on Zoom.



We are here to help your child achieve success in school and avoid the summer slide!

Ways to Get Academic Support:

Private Tutoring in Person

Tutoring occurs at Achieve Tutoring Center in a private room with the same tutor every time. The tutor not only supports learning content, but also helps with monitoring assignments, grades, and strengthening study skills. For elementary students we coordinate with the child’s school teacher to provide a team approach to learning. 

Online Tutoring

Achieve tutors use the Zoom platform to connect with students from the comfort of their home to support learning. Online tutoring can be one-on-one or Learning Pods can also meet online. 

Learn more by calling us at 616-916-8989