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by Oct 12, 2017



Recently, I read an interesting statement that got me thinking. It said that in Kenya, children are not required to go to school but most of them do. Right away I started thinking about all the photos I’ve seen over the years from missionaries who go to third world countries. In those pictures, in spite of immense poverty, I see genuine smiles on children. There are pictures of the children engaged in their small classroom and grateful for access to education. These children know that if they can get an education that they will have a much higher chance to rise above the poverty and contribute to making life better.


  1. In some ways, the same is true for us in the United States. We know that if our children get a good education, they will have a better chance to achieve their goals. But, over the years I have noticed that education is “said” to be important, but it often takes a backseat to other activities. I get that life is more complex than ever before. But hopefully, we slow down enough to think about what our kids see as as our main priorities. Are we showing that education is important? How?


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