Middle School Students

Tutors build relationships that promote trust, learning, and accountability.

Middle school is a big change from elementary school and we like to help students navigate that transition. Students often struggle with how to take good notes and organize their time to get the work done. These struggles can lead to frustration at home and sometimes test anxiety. We work with middle school students on not only content, but study skills and organizational skills to help them be more successful in this new chapter of their schooling.

Here are some additional reasons why Achieve Tutoring is a wise choice for middle school students:

  • We have qualified tutors by subject.
  • One-on-one instruction for an hour in a private tutor room.
  • Achieve is run by an educator who cares.
  • Tutors care about the success of their clients and learn how to best connect with them.
  • The center is trustworthy, safe, and at a convenient location.
  • With permission, we monitor online grades to celebrate success and help keep students on track and understanding content.
  • If your student may have a learning disability or has been diagnosed with one, the owner can help you understand the IEP process and possible accommodations that would be beneficial.
  • We are flexible. We work with parents’ and student’s busy schedules to find times that work.
  • Facility is open extended hours -open until 9PM Mon. – Thurs.
  • Administrators, school counselors, and teachers recommend us.
  • We are a great value for the money and worth the investment!

Middle School Subjects We Tutor

*All courses can incorporate time management and study skills into their lessons.
* We also offer a Kid’s Stress Reduction Workshop presented by Simply Successful Kids.

Grammar & Writing



English Literature

Social Studies


Let us help your middle school student increase confidence and experience more success!