Homeschool & Online Courses

We offer support for homeschool courses and help those taking online classes with pacing and understanding of content.

Achieve Tutoring Center is a great resource to give extra support to homeschool students and students taking classes online. Not only does Achieve’s expert staff provide content support, they also work to help with note taking and study skills. For online students, Achieve Tutoring Center also helps establish a timeline for when to finish classes in order to stay on track.

Here are some additional reasons why Achieve Tutoring is a wise choice:

  • We have qualified tutors by subject.
  • Every session, parents are kept informed of what was accomplished and next steps.
  • One-on-one instruction for an hour in a private tutor room.
  • Achieve is run by an educator who cares.
  • Tutors care about the success of their clients and learn how to best connect with them.
  • The center is a trustworthy, safe, and a convenient location.
  • We work with parents’ and student’s busy schedules to find times that work.
  • Facility is open extended hours -open until 9PM Mon. – Thurs.
  • We come highly recommended. See our 5 star google ratings.
  • Great value for the money and worth the investment.

Contact Achieve Tutoring Center at 616.916.8989 to discuss how we can help.