Elementary Students

We work to build students’ confidence, success, and lessen the achievement gap.
Whether your child is preparing to start school or needs to bring some skills up to grade level, Achieve Tutoring Center can help! We use assessments to evaluate pre-reading and reading skills along with math levels. Then, to grow your child's skills we use best teaching practices, follow the State Curriculum Standards, and work with your child's teacher. Your child's success is our goal!

Here are some additional reasons why Achieve Tutoring is a wise choice:

  • We seek ways to help your child overcome struggles and build more confidence.
  • Improving abilities in reading, math, and writing is our specialty.
  • Strengthen comprehension and fluency for Spanish Immersion students.
  • The center is a trustworthy, safe, and a convenient location. Students may be dropped off or parents may wait in the waiting room.
  • Our qualified tutors individualize each session which builds relationships with students.
  • One-on-one instruction guaranteed.
  • 100% focus for a full hour – exclusively on your child.
  • Achieve is run by an educator who cares about each individual student’s success.
  • Tutors care about the child’s success and learn how to best connect.
  • Receive support from an expert outside of the school.
  • We are flexible. We work with parents’ and student’s busy schedules to find times that work.
  • Administrators, school counselors, and teachers often recommend us.
  • Great value for the money and worth the investment.

Elementary Subjects We Tutor

* We also offer a Kid’s Stress Reduction Workshop presented by Simply Successful Kids
Grammar & Writing



Hand Writing & Number Formation


Let us help your child with their Elementary School work!