Achieve's elementary tutors work one-on-one to strengthen skills and build confidence in students!

We offer in-person tutoring at the center or online with Zoom. 

We offer monthly discount packages or you may pay by the hour.

Secondary tutors support homework, monitor grades, work to boost study skills, and cheer your teenager on!

Want to raise your student's SAT score? Our expert SAT tutors are ready to help!

Our SAT tutors teach students test-taking strategies, review content, and practice pacing to help students improve scores. 

Services Offered

Achieve Tutoring Center offers a very different experience from anything else that is around.

This is not a canned program. The center is run by an experienced educator and best teaching practices are used to help achieve goals for students in Jenison, Grandville, Byron Center, Hudsonville, Allendale, Zeeland, and other nearby districts.

Test Prep

We help boost scores for college admission and scholarships. An individualized plan is developed to target areas that need strengthening.

Middle School

Tutors build relationships that promote trust, learning, and accountability. Additionally, we help with content, monitor grades, and help build study skills!

Spanish Support

Spanish tutors work with Spanish immersion students and secondary students taking Spanish. Call us for more information.

Home School & Online Courses

We offer support for homeschool courses and for those taking online classes.

High School Students

Expert tutors reteach subjects, monitor grades, teach study skills, and encourage students to be their best.

Elementary Students

We work to build students’ confidence, success, and lessen the achievement gap.

Test Anxiety

Does your child do well in class but poorly on tests? We can provide strategies to lesson anxiety, improve study skills, and connect you with other support services if needed.

Study & Organizational Skills

Our tutors develop individual student plans to improve both of these important skills.

College Students

Adult students need support too and we can help! Call us for more information.

The Achieve Difference

Achieve Tutoring Center offers a very different experience from anything else that is around. Here are some of the things that makes Achieve Tutoring Center the best tutoring choice for students:

  • Locally owned and operated by an educator and team that cares about students.
  • The founder, Amy, has 20 years of experience in education.
  • The owner, Brenda, has 25 years of experience in education.
  • This is not a canned program. Each student is assessed individually and best teaching practices are used to help achieve goals.
  • We have ongoing connections with area schools and offer to coordinate strategies with teachers to make the most of our time with students.
  • All tutoring is one-on-one unless requested otherwise and in private tutor rooms.
  • Your child has 100% of the tutor’s focus for a full hour.
  • Tutors update parents at the end of every session of what was accomplished and what may still need to be done.
  • We understand and help handle issues like test anxiety, study skills, and homework completion.
  • Each tutoring session has a plan submitted to the manager 24 hours before tutors meet with clients. Plans are created based on notes from previous sessions and monitoring of online grades.


Here is just a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you may have. We are always here.

How long is a session?

Most tutoring sessions are one hour long. During that time your child is in a private tutor room working one-on-one with the tutor who is focusing exclusively on teaching what your child needs. Occasionally, families prefer to book two hour sessions when students’ schedules are tight.

How much does a session cost?

Since we have private tutoring rooms space is limited. The cost is $55/hour with discounts for those who prepay for a set number of sessions.

Why is this a good value for secondary students?

With secondary students we not only reteach concepts, we teach study skills and organizational skills to encourage independent success. We also monitor online grades. This gives another layer of accountability to the students and another person to help them keep up on assignments, know when tests/quizzes are coming up, and celebrate successes with them!

What sets you apart?

Achieve Tutoring Center is unlike anything else available. Other centers will typically have all the students in one large room with multiple students to one tutor. Additionally, Achieve Tutoring Center is run by an experienced educator not someone who wanted to open a franchise without any educational background. We use best teaching practices to reach our students and we are constantly monitoring progress.

Why is this a good value for elementary students?

We go above and beyond what is expected to ensure growth for all of our students. For elementary students we coordinate what we do at the center with what is happening in the classroom. This allows us to work as a team and waste very little time. Additionally, the owner will help parents navigate how to best communicate with the school and how to advocate for their child when needed.

“My son got a 31 on his ACT!!!

Thanks for all your help. We are THRILLED!”

Nicole, ACT Parent


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